Nintendo adds Amiibo Support in new Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update


The original Animal Crossing first came out on the Nintendo GameCube in 2001 and it was well received by gamers and critics alike. That spawned several sequels, the most recent one being Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS portable games console. Now, Nintendo wants to take this game to the next level with an update. Gamers can now include their Amiibo figurines with the game, bringing the toys to life within the game!

Players can take their Amiibo figurines and tap them on the NFC reader on the 3DS to incorporate their Amiibos into the game. Doing so will add a villager that looks just like the Amiibo you have and they will come with their own RV in an entirely new campground.
The update not only applies to Animal Crossing Amiibos (all 16 of them). If you have a Legend of Zelda figurine or a Splatoon figurine, you can also include them inside New Leaf. This means that you will now have a whole slew of new characters within the game.

animal-crossing-new-leafThe game will give you some special rewards if you use Amiibos not associated with Animal Crossing. Therefore, players using a Legend of Zelda or Splatoon Amiibo will receive some extra goodies they can use. Moreover, Nintendo is letting gamers use all of their Amiibos within Animal Crossing: New Leaf for no extra cost whatsoever!

All gamers need to do is download the update and the game will now have a magic lamp that players need to find. Once they do, they can use this once daily and add one Amiibo into the game world every day. This is a fun and interactive method of slowly adding new characters in New Leaf.
Besides integrating Amiibo figurines into the game, the new update gives you even more features, namely two new mini-games to keep players interested. Players need to find two in-game items, a Nintendo 3DS and a Nintendo Wii U, to unlock the mini-games. The Nintendo 3DS will unlock Puzzle League and the Nintendo Wii U will unlock Desert Island Escape.


Players can acquire these items either by buying fortune cookies from Nooklings’ shop or by scanning any Animal Crossing Amiibo. This means that you can save a lot of in-game money by simply tapping in your figurine.

These two mini-games will keep you distracted in case real-life simulation becomes boring.
Don’t own any Amiibo yet? No problem. The update also benefits those who do not have them. Gamers will now have an all new camera mode (Selfie mode), the ability to move objects around the house through the 3DS touchscreen, a new storage room, and a new in-game currency called MEOW Coupons that can be spent to acquire special items.
The update has already been released and it will come pre-installed in a new version of the game titled Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Welcome Amiibo. This new version is coming out on 2 December 2016.


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