Nintendo Confirms Amiibo will work with Nintendo Switch


Nintendo has finally revealed that its upcoming new console the Nintendo Switch, previously referred to as Nintendo NX will have Amiibo support. The new console is good news for Nintendo fans as the Japanese company fights to remain relevant in the console market.

First things first, the Nintendo Switch is a beautiful looking gaming machine.

But for Amiibo owners that excitement for the newly revealed console had become dampened by fears that their beloved figurines wouldn’t be compatible. As with issues surrounding supplies when nintendo Amiibo first launched, Nintendo was quick to reassure gamers. Speaking through a press release.

“If a Nintendo Switch game supports amiibo then the Nintendo Switch home gaming system will as well,” a Nintendo representative told IGN.


In responding to the inquiries about Amiibo compatibility with Nintendo Switch, the company inadvertently gave away a few details about the now eagerly anticipated console. This is what the company went on to say to the tech website:

The Nintendo Switch Dock has been created so that it is extremely easy to seamlessly switch from playing games on a TV to transition into a portable mode, . . .

The Joy-Con controllers will be included alongside the Switch and the dock is not the main console unit of Nintendo Switch. The main unit of Nintendo Switch is the unit that has the LCD screen, which the two Joy-Con controllers can be attached to and detached from. The main function of the Nintendo Switch Dock is to provide an output to the TV, as well as charging and providing power to the system.

In addition to the public statements from Nintendo, some eagle eyed fans had already noted that the announce video showed a Legend of Zelda game. Thus most who noticed this had already surmised that Amiibo would indeed work on the Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo fans and neutral gamers alike have high hopes for the Nintendo Switch. Coupled with the anticipation of owning what looks to be at the very least the best looking home console and portable combination console for years, is the anticipation of what Nintendo plans for the machines future.

Mewtwo-Amiibo-Super-Smash-Bros-Series-0-1The Nintendo Switch system will enable players to enjoy their games wherever, whenever and with whoever they want. The handheld option offers easy gaming mobility and means players can carry on gaming even when on the move.

The console has been received with much praise and admiration from both gamers and industry watchers alike. Added to that is the huge amount of goodwill directed at what is one of console Gaming’s founding organisations.

There are still many questions that remain to be answered about the new console, and no doubt Nintendo will let us know as soon as they are ready to reveal more. In the meantime, keep checking back on AmiiboKing for the latest updates.


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