Binding of Isaac Amiibo: Nicalis teases Concept figurine

Nintendo has been rightfully applauded for its focus on  Independent video game developers on its Nintendo Switch console. While there are a number of indie titles available or slated for release on the new console, there are not that many that have their own official Amiibo figurines. In fact, the only exception is currently Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove which has an Amiibo for its main character. But that may be about to change after Binding of Isaac Publisher Nicalis, Inc teased a concept image of an Isaac Amiibo on its Twitter account.

Binding of Isaac Amiibo

Here is the image that Nicalis tweeted:

Binding of Isaac Amiibo


Earlier in the year we covered how Yacht Club games expressed hope that its game would get more Amiibo. And it seems the good folk at Nicalis want in on the Amiibo privileges too. The company shared the above picture picture of what looks like an official Amiibo figurine from Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+. Perhaps the renowned publisher is dropping a hint for Nintendo or maybe just having fun, but the mock-up has gamers excited at the prospect of an Isaac Amiibo.

Excited fans wanted to know if the Binding of Isaac Amiibo would make it easier to complete the game! And given that the tweet has over 5000 interactions, demand for the figurine would certainly be high.

Whether Nintendo takes the hint is another matter, but the company will surely be paying attention. Other than the image no other details were made available. So there is no timeline for a release date or anything like that. But still Any Binding of Isaac Amiibo would be most welcome among Nintendo fans. Many will be hoping that Nintendo accelerates the approval of Amiibo for more indie Titles on the Switch and 3DS handheld.

Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is one of the more popular titles on Nintendo Switch. The game also has a comprehensive instruction manual for players. Yacht Clubs’ Shovel Knight Amiibo was just under two years ago. Hopefully the Shovel Knight will soon be joined by a Binding of Isaac Amiibo soon too. Over to you Nintendo . . .

What are your thoughts on Nicalis’ Binding of Isaac Amiibo? Share your thought with other Amiibo fans in the comments section below!


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