Detective Pikachu Pre-Order Details

Nintendo recently confirmed that its 2DS and 3DS sleuthing adventure game Detective Pikachu is set for worldwide release in March this year. Detective Pikachu’s release has been eagerly awaited in the West and now the game is available to pre-order. The upcoming game features it’s very own giant Pikachu Amiibo that many Amiibo fans are eager to secure. With that in mind, check out the Detective Pikachu pre-order details and available packs below:

Detective Pikachu Pre-Order Details

As mentioned above, Detective Pikachu will be one of the most anticipated 3DS games this year. Add to that one of Nintendo’s biggest imports and a larger than life Amiibo, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for high demand and not enough supplies. Incidentally, this is nothing new to Amiibo collectors and Nintendo releases in general. As a result, the actual Detective Pikachu is already sold out and currently unavailable for pre-order in many stores.

The new Detective Pikachu Amiibo is available to pre-order on the Nintendo Uk Store for £19.99. However, orders are limited to one per customer only.

Check it out below:

Detective Pikachu Amiibo

However, the Detective Pikachu Amiibo isn’t the only item available with the game. In addition to the Amiibo pictured above, Nintendo are also offering a Detective Pikachu Fan Pack. In the fan pack you’ll get a copy of the Detective Pikachu game, a keyring, and a set of stickers. The Detective Pikachu Fan Pack costs £34.99 but does not come with the Pikachu Amiibo.

What are thoughts on the Detective Pikachu Fan Pack and Pikachu Amiibo pre-order details? Already reserved yours? – Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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