Donkey Kong and Bowser Coming to Skylanders Superchargers

Donkey Kong and Bowser Skylanders Superchargers Amiibo

Imagining Donkey Kong with his barrel and Bowser with his koopas sounds like the classic type of gameplay we would expect from a Nintendo title. But there’s a new outing for these 2 characters, with Donkey Kong and Bowser  set to appear in the latest title in Activision’s franchise – Skylanders Superchargers.

Both Bowser and Donkey Kong will only be available for the Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS consoles as a starter pack. The two Nintendo legends have been recreated with abilities that will have a reference to their previous adventures.

Hammer Slam Bowser carries his hammer,  but he can still spawn groups of koopas that can be thrown at enemies, while Turbo Charge Donkey Kong, although wearing a flaming stuntman outfit, carries his barrels, and he can also play the bongos.

Donkey Kong and Bowser Skylanders AmiiboBoth characters will also get vehicles that are created especially for them – Donkey Kong has his Barrel Blaster, while Bowser’s Clown Cruiser represents an airship that fires Bullet Bills, the projectile characters seen in the Super Mario universe.

Eric Hirshberg, the chief exec. of Activision Publishing said that Nintendo and Activision have a relationship that’s over ten years long, and he also mentioned that the guys at Nintendo were one of the first companies who got to see the original Skylanders.

For Activision, this was crucial, as Nintendo’s console platform represented a key factor to the game’s success. At the end of the first meeting, there seemed to be a unique connection between the world of Skylanders and every other world Nintendo created over the years.

The abilites these two characters have represent references to Nintendo’s history. When he sets up his third attack, Bowser transforms into Magma Bowser, who has a special flame attack that’s familiar to any fan of the Super Mario series.

Donkey Kong has his own special attack, so whenever you see barrels and steel girders falling from the sky, you’ll know that it’s nothing more than a reference to the character’s original arcade game.

Donkey Kong and Bowser Skylanders Superchargers Amiibo

Skylanders Superchargers, the first in the action adventure series, features new vehicular gameplay. Aside from about 20 new vehicles, you can also find boats, cars and aircraft, and they all come with moving parts for play outside of the game.

Bringing toys to life is important for both companies, as it should represent an efficient way of preventing the concept itself from becoming predictable. This latest development shows that both Nintendo and Activision currently have their fingers firmly on the pulse.

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