Amiibo Guides: How To Get Link’s Green Tunic Without Amiibo

Link Amiibo Green Tunic

For all of you who playing and enjoying the newest Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it is clear that the game experiments with Link’s garbs and armors, showing him in some creative and not so familiar outfits. The iconic green tunic is seemingly unavailable for those who don’t want to cough up the big bucks and buy a lot of amiibo to unlock it. In this post we ‘ll show you how to get this awesome garment both with and without getting the amiibo:

How To Get The Tunic With The Amiibo

For the players who like to choose the easier but pricier way, to unlock the exact same tunic that Link has worn in the previous Zelda games, you would need at least four amiibo, namely the Hero, Hero of Time, Hero of the Wind, and the Hero of Twilight sets.

How To Get The Tunic Without Amiibo

Okay, now for all of you who like to work hard and put in the time and patience into exploring the game to its furthest ends and uncovering all of its secrets, there are a few steps you need to take if you wish to unlock the tunic without using an Amiibo.

Unique to the latest game, this unlockable green tunic, called the Hero of the Wild set, can only be unlocked through hard work and perseverance. There are three steps you need to complete for this item. First will be to finish all of the 120 shrines in order to get a side quest ‘A Gift From The Monk’. After you manage this, you will need to go to the Forgotten Temple. You can teleport to the Rona Kachta Shrine to get to the end of the temple quickly.

When you get there, check behind the shrine, where three chests will be located, each one containing a piece of the Hero of the Wild set- Cap of the Wild, Trousers of the Wild, and the elusive Tunic of the Wild.

This is pretty much the whole task you have to complete in order to get this set and Link’s green tunic in Breath of the Wild.  Like the amiibo, this unlockable set provides the same bonus, which improves the Mater Sword’s beam attack.

For all of you who are avid Zelda fans, this will be as close as you can get to the classic tunic Link worn in previous installments. For others, who just like to relax and not worry if they can complete all of the shrines or find all of the Eater Eggs, using the relevant amiibo way is probably the way to go.

It should be also taken in consideration that there are rumored to be more upcoming amiibo which will have more options and add-on’s. Some of them may even contain more green tunics; which proves that the developers will keep us players engaged and possible for a long time to come.


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