Silver & Gold Mario Amiibo: Nintendo Reveals Rare Collectors Editions

Gold Mario Amiibo

Nintendo has revealed new silver and gold Mario Amiibo as part of 2 new lines of Amiibo collector’s editions. The gold Mario Amiibos are one of two Mario lines that the Japanese electronics giant is planning to introduce as rare Amiibo pieces. The other Mario figure will come in silver.

Silver or Gold Mario Amiibo? Both!

Nintendo seems to have literally struck gold with its line of Amiibo figures and the company is moving quickly to capitalise on the product’s popularity. The Gold Mario Amiibo and the silver figure look set to be a popular addition to Nintendo’s lineup of Amiibo.

Gold Mario AmiiboThe Mario Amiibo figures are by far the most popular of the gaming figures which makes the decision to offer a limited run of rare Mario’s easy to understand.

With Nintendo’s most popular character receiving the silver and gold treatment, this line of Mario Amiibo will surely create a frenzy given the figures’ popularity.

In fact, Nintendo has been struggling to keep up with demand for most of  it’s Amiibo products that the Japanese gaming veteran was forced to acknowledge a shortage of the product. The company moved swiftly to assure customers that production would be ramped up to cope with the demand.


Silver Mario Amiibo in packagingThe good news is that the addition of the gold and silver Mario Amiibo will not mean a rise in prices.

Nintendo will sell the rare silver and gold Mario Amiibo at the same price as the original figures; the only issue facing customers will be the challenge in getting hold of even one of these limited Amiibo.

In a related development, Nintendo has confirmed the rare run will first be available exasclisevly at Walmart in the States and Canada, as seen on the companies product pages. The rare silver and Gold Mario will join a respectable list of Nintendo limited runs from the company’s past and will surely enjoy as much success, if not more.


Silver Mario AmiiboWith the Nintendo Amiibo figures, the Japanese company has come up with a well thought out and well designed product that works and that it’s customers love.

This will be a relief to a company that was beginning to lag behind Sony and Microsoft in the gaming industry.

AmiiboKing predicts that all hell will break loose whenever this product is released, and it won’t be surprising to see them sold for higher prices on auction sites soon after. Well done to Nintendo, and good luck to you all who are looking forward to the silver and gold Mario Amiibo coming out!


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