Super Mario Cereal Amiibo Functionality & Taste Detailed

Super Mario Cereal Amiibo

Kellogg’s has released a new Super Mario cereal with Amiibo functionalities. The Super Mario Cereal Amiibo breakfast is the result of a cool partnership with Nintendo. The limited-run cereal is now available in selected stores for Amiibo fans to buy. In addition to getting a breakfast treat featuring shapes of your favourite Nintendo characters, you’ll also get some Amiibo capabilities from the cereal’s box. Super Mario Cereal boxes are limited-run editions and will surely become collectors items.

Super Mario Cereal Amiibo Now Available

Super Mario Amiibo Cereal. credit – Nintendo

Nintendo has had a good run this year following the release of the Nintendo Switch console. A scan through all the Amiibo news of 2017 will tell you that. But while the Switch has boosted Nintendo’s fortunes, another factor has also played a part; Amiibo figures. In tandem with the Switch, Amiibo have helped Nintendo restore its pride as a gaming giant again.

Therefore its no surprise to see the company pushing forward with its vision. Super Mario Cereal Amiibo are one such example. “This powered-up partnership with Kellogg’s is another exciting way for us to expand the Nintendo brand in unique and creative ways,” Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Tom Prata, said.  Nintendo also speaks of “making breakfast a more playful experience.

Consequently, Super Mario Cereal is now available in selected stores, though for a limited time. The cereal is no gimmick either, as Polygon reports, – it’s perfectly edible. Nintendo’s breakfast option is touted as mixed berry-flavored “power-up marshmallows” – whatever that is. Unfortunately, a lot of the results from taste-tests have been lackluster.

A decision on the taste of Super Mario Cereal is entirely up to you of course. So whether you’re into sugary breakfast cereal or not, you still get some additional Amiibo powers. Either way, I guess it’s OK to have a treat every now and again for breakfast!

Super Mario Cereal Amiibo Functionalities

The Super Mario Cereal Amiibo boxes will work with the Super Mario Odyssey game. As a result, the innovative cereal boxes have been greeted with excitement among Amiibo fans. However, gamer’s thoughts are already turning to which other titles could benefit from such a move.

In terms of functionality, tapping the box on your console will get you hearts or coins in Super Mario Odyssey. Additionally, scanning the Amibo at Uncle Amiibo gets you an additional Power Moon finder.


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