Does Super Mario Maker 3DS Have Amiibo Compatibility?

It may not have been officially announced by Nintendo in a press conference, but a recent update to the Nintendo amiibo games website now contains Super Mario Maker 3DS as an upcoming game. The popular Wii U platform game is now being ported to 3DS, giving players the chance to design their own platform levels while they are on the go.


[Update: We have received word from the Nintendo camp that this game will not have amiibo compatibility. The official amiibo games website removed Super Mario Maker 3DS from the list of upcoming games with amiibo support.]


In September 2015, Super Mario Maker was released on the Nintendo Wii U, allowing players to build and create their own courses that they can then play through. Critics who lauded the game’s user interface and course customization options received it very well.

Now, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS will be released on 2 December 2016 in North America and in Europe, a day earlier in Japan.

More importantly, the game was supposed to have amiibo support. This means that players can teleport their amiibo figurines of Mario into the game by tapping it on the NFC scanner. This will bring their toys to life inside Super Mario Maker 3DS. This game will share several of the core features of the original Wii U game that made it amazing and fun.

Not so Super Mario Maker?


However, the game will not have level sharing or the ability to go online and play other people’s levels. This was one of the most entertaining aspects of Super Mario Maker Wii U and that played a key role in the game’s success. Unfortunately, Super Mario Maker 3DS will lack these functions. Nevertheless, it has amiibo compatibility and that should surely entice gamers into buying this game.

This portable version of the game seems to be a stripped down version of the console game, lacking stereoscopic 3D support, Mystery Mushrooms, and the ability to search for levels. Players can instead share levels with other players locally.

In addition, the game will come installed with 100 courses to get players’ feet wet with the gameplay before they embark on constructing their own courses. These courses will come with medal challenges, giving players an incentive to improve.

For more news of the upcoming Super Mario Maker 3DS, stay tuned to this site and we will have all of the latest updates covering this exciting game.


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