Detective Pikachu Confirmed for Worldwide Release with New Pikachu Amiibo

The Pokémon Company has announced that its sleuthing title Detective Pikachu is set for release in the west on March 23. Detective Pikachu will be released on the Nintendo 3DS console together with its very own Pikachu Amiibo figurine. The action adventure game had only previously been released in Japan but is now set to take the rest of the world by storm this March. 

Detective Pikachu comes To Town With a New Amiibo

The arrival of Detective Pikachu on western shores has been eagerly awaited for a long time. Since its 2016 release in Japan many gamers have been waiting for the game to be released worldwide. Now the Pokémon Company has confirmed the eagerly awaited news. Additionally, that means gamers on Nintendo’s 3DS system will soon be able to play as their favourite Pokémon come March.

In the game players take on the role of Detective Pikachu as he helps a boy named Tim. Tim is on the hunt for his father and Pikachu’s best sleuthing will be required to find him. Scanning your supersizes Pikachu Amiibo will bring up in-game hints and videos.

In addition, the Detective Pikachu will also come with a new Pikachu Amiibo figurine. Not only that, but this will be one huge Amiibo! For fans of the figurines the new Pikachu Amiibo will be one to take pride of place in their collections. Check out the comparison of the old and new Pikachu Amiibo’s below:

Detective Pikachu Amiibo

That’s quite a big increase in size as the comparison image shows, perhaps Pikachu’s bad eating habits as a detective have caught up with him?! In any case, we think the new Amiibo looks awesome, and its size only adds to its appeal. Consequently, we’ll be looking forward to the release of Detective Pikachu.

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