Goodbye! Boxboy!: HAL Laboratory Announces new Boxboy game, Exclusive Amiibo and Trailer

Goodbye! Boxboy! 3DS Game and Amiibo

The video game development studio behind classic Nintendo character Kirby have announced a third Boxboy! game. Hal Laboratory Inc has announced that Goodbye! Boxboy! will be the next Boxboy! game for Nintendo 3DS. The upcoming puzzle platformer will be available in physical format and on the e-store as a digital download. The new game will also come with its own exclusive Amiibo which will be able to unlock hidden secrets. 

Goodbye! Boxboy! is the third title in the puzzle platforming series Goodbye! Boxboy! Amiibowhich has a niche but very passionate following. Ultimately, even as fans rejoice, this may end up being the last release in the series as it has goodbye in its name. But that remains to be seen and for now Boxboy! fans will be elated.


The series began with BOXBOY!, then soon after came BOXBOXBOY!, both of which offer a wide range of mentally challenging levels. Now, HAL is looking to bring the third game in the franchise to life again on 3DS as it rounds of its trilogy. The developer also released a new Goodbye! Boxboy! debut  gameplay trailer; which you can watch below:

At the time of going to press no details had been revealed about the game’s’ release in the west. For now you can check out the Goodbye! Boxboy! Japanese Page for more information.

Goodbye! Boxboy! Amiibo BoxedNintendo also did reveal that the physical edition will come with all three Boxboy! games as well as the exclusive Amiibo.

Hopefully Nintendo will see it fit to bring the game over as it is usre to have a huge following in Europe and the Americas.

The special Amiibo is a replica of Qbby, the games’ cuboid shaped main character. As mentioned above, players will be able to use their Qbby Amiibo to unlock new secrets as well as other aspects of the game.

Goodbye! BoxBoy! is out in Japan on February 2nd, 2017.

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